Bike Safety

Need a Pick-up?

  • It can be intimidating to go out and ride alone.  If for any reason you’re on a ride and run into bad weather, a flat tire, or any other obstacle, you can always text me (281)216-9045 and I will come get you, or find someone who can!  I don’t want people to be afraid to get out there – there are so many people with cars here at midd, you won’t be left stranded!

Road Riding

  • Stay Seen!
    • Neon – Vermont can be a very grey place, and with limited light hours each day, you want to give yourself every advantage to being seen by motorists.  Where bright colors, reflectors, and lights if you can.
      • Neon vests, jerseys
      • Bike lights
      • Reflective gear
    • Daylight hours – We don’t have a ton of them, but if you can, try to ride during daylight hours.  Be aware of the time you leave for a ride and the time or sunset!